Melodica Festival information

Melodica Festival The Melodica Festival celebrates local music scenes around the world with the aim to provide in invaluable platform for emerging artists to network and develop new creative relationships. Melodica Festival was born in December 2007 by Pete Uhlenbruch, a passionate musician who simply wanted to create a genuinely attentive space for other artists […]

Stephen Burt on the Melodica

INSTRUMENT MELODICA CENTRAL QUESTION:How can we tell the difference—if there is one—between art for kids and art for adults? Parts of a Hohner melodica (sold separately):mouthpiece, extension tube, individual keys; Partial list of varieties of melodica: twenty-six-key, thirty-two-key, thirty-six-key, alto, bass, Ocean, Fire; Precursors: sheng, sho, keyed Aeolian, pitch pipe, symphonium, harmonicor, goofus, keyboard sitar; […]

Carlodicas approved for summer parade

Community organizers in Cass County voted 7 to 2 Tuesday to include three musically equipped cars called Carlodicas in this years summer parade. The carlodica is a car equipped with a funnel that collects wind while driven powering a Melodica keyboard and enabling the performer/driver to make music. The creator of this unusual device, Steve […]