Carlodicas approved for summer parade

Community organizers in Cass County voted 7 to 2 Tuesday to include three musically equipped cars called Carlodicas in this years summer parade. The carlodica is a car equipped with a funnel that collects wind while driven powering a Melodica keyboard and enabling the performer/driver to make music. The creator of this unusual device, Steve Hegman explained his concept for the event.

“Our plan is to have bass, tenor, and alto melodica keyboards each connected to three automobiles to be played and driven by three (union local 73) musicians. Our car windows will be open enabling us to take request shouted from pedestrians as we drive down the streets during the parade. This will make for a very interactive experience between the musicians and the audience. We hope this to be the first of many parades throughout the Midwest that will include carlodicas”

All eyes will defiantly be watching the introduction the carlodica in the Cass County spring day parade.