Company Information is a family owned cyber store based in the Twin Cities and founded in 1980 by Steve Hegman and is still family operated today.  The store originated in 1980 importing Casio keyboards into the United States & restoring Hammond organs.

 Our customers include Prince {NPG}, John Medeski {MMW}, Bruce MaCabe {Johnny Lang Band}, Matt Rollings {Lyle Lovett Band}, Jack McDuff, The Cleveland Orchestra, Brian Haas {Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey}, Paul Simon, Zappa plays Zappa, Walk off the Earth and a wide variety of interesting talented musicians to numerous to name. Many have credited the web site with the resurgence of interest in the Melodica keyboard. We humbly reply that its return was long overdue. At one time we did a google search for the word Melodica. The top site was about some guy in Kansas that named his dog Melodica. We vowed to create the most informative site about the Melodica that we could.

This site is dedicated to our brothers Steve and Gregg Hegman

Below are some of the comments we have received over the years.

Hi Steve – got it the other day, thanks ! Even my wife had comments:
“What is it? Why do you need it ?? Where are you going to play it ??? How much did it cost ???? How old are you ?!?!?! “This is why you never have any money !” So if she calls, remember it was a gift 🙂 D.A.

“The strangest thing happened. 15 minutes ago the mailman delivered the Mylodica.HURRAY!!! It looks very beautiful. Nice wooden case and the keys are quick and precise. Thank You.


“Hi Steve,
I got my L37 melodica this morning and I’ve only played it in the car for a minute but so far I LOVE IT! I just wanted to thank you for your help in selecting this model and prompt service in shipping it to me.

I have a question about the way to pronounce “melodica”. I noticed that you use an long “O” sound when saying the word. I’ve always said “ma lah di ka”. Just curious.”


“Hello Sir/Madam
I am not sure if this your name but if it is hegman hi. my name is addis swaby son of augustus pablo im writing to thank you for using my fathers image as the back ground of one of your pages on your site if there is any thing you want to ask me be free but anyways am just showing my appreciation to you.please reply to let me know you received this.”


Just a quick note to let you know that I received the L-37 (and the reed file). It’s a great little instrument – it plays so much better in tune than my old Horner HM-32. Thanks.”


“Hey Steve, I just ordered the L37 and then I read about the Carlodica!!!!! AMAZING and FUN!!! You are a genius. I may give S. Pasadena something to talk about and maybe we can start a Melo…I mean a Carlodica Revolution! 🙂 “


“Hey Steve, the melodica arrived intact and ready to rock! Dealing with you has been fabulous, thanks so much. IMO, is THE place for melodicas on the web!”


“Also, I think if in the future you would identify the box as containing a “mouth organ” instead of a “melodica keyboard”, then it wouldn’t be subject to any duty crossing the Canadian border (they see ‘keyboard’ and think ‘electronic apparatus’, whereas a ‘mouth organ’ is in another, duty-free catagory) Just a heads up, dude.”
Thanks again, Josh.


Hi Steve,
I am VERY happy with my ST-32 Melodica! VERY NICE – I was pleasantly surprised by the sweet sound and LACK OF KEY RESISTANCE. Obviously, I have become used to playing inferior melodicas up to now!
Thank you so much! I will most likely be ordering from you again in the future – Rich S, New York


Subject: Thanks from Spain
Date: Saturday, July 24, 2004 11:13 AM
Hi Steve , i received the melodica today, thank you very very much, wonderful instrument.
good luck.


I received the melodica last Monday. Thanks for sending this as soon as you did after talking to me. its really great when you want to move around and play something. thanks again.


Got the melodica and the “nutty toy” from you last week, and love them! You are right—– this type of instrument is addictive!


Steve…I received the Blue 32 melodica (wrapped as a late Hanukah present by my wife Sherry). What fun!! Great little instrument, and I particularly like the Mr. and Mrs. Mouse cleaning cloth!! One question – where is this made?
I figured China – but nowhere does it say “Made in China.” Thanks, and keep the melodica faith…Paul


Wanted to let you know that the Hohner Melodica we bought from you in May was a big hit with my dad. Thanks for your help and thanks for the super quick shipping.


Got the keytar keyboard sitar this morning and am quite pleased! It’s alot of fun.
Thanks much!


Melodica arrived in great shape. Excellent instrument! Kelly


I just gotta tell ya, the melodica is the best instrument ever!!!! Kevin


Thanks for the very informative web site — especially the tuning page.Very enjoyable. Nearly everything I know about melodicas, I just learned in the last twelve minutes, reading your pages.
I wanted to let you know the keyboard-sitar was an enormous hit! Both the
look and the sound of the instrument are beautiful. Thank you for your great service –


I received my melodica and haven’t put it down yet…. thanks so much. ross<>you ever hear of agustus pablo?????
I much enjoy playing the L34 melodica purchased from you recently. It sounds best with tunes associated with accordian/concertina (La Vie En Rose, Speak Softy Love, etc.), but one can be pretty expressive with ballads and standards. It’s really a lot of fun. Peter B.


Hi, I bought one of these great keyboards from you and I made the mistake of
lending it to my friend. HELP! He wont give it back he loves it so much. I
need another one. Any left? Thanks!


Thank you, thank you and thank you! It arrived yesterday at lunchtime in time for the birthday. My son is delighted with it and just loves the sound it makes. I really appreciate the speed with which you turned this around.


Just a note to let you know the B-3 organ cassettes arrived today in excellent shape — thank you.


Thanks for shipping here. Fantastic keyboard. Kind regards from Germany Heinz
Hey, I got the Melodica today and couldn’t be happier. Thanks for a smooth and fast transaction!


The L34 melodica is really great; a true gem. Thanks again, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you Steve! thanking you,


I appreciate your thoughtful offer to include a gift card insert for him, but
it won’t be necessary. Well, Steve, I’m sure you don’t look like Santa Claus, but you fill the ticket for me! Thanks again Vicke S


Hey Steve,
My melodica arrived yesterday. It sounds Great! I especially love the tone in the lower section. Very rich. What is the purpose of the air release button? Thanks again for all your help. Take care.
Jeremy Roth


I bought a melodica from you some months ago, and I have been quite pleased with it. I was just wondering if you have any bass or baritone models (or if you’ve ever even seen one). Thanks, ### ## ###


We are having a wonderful time with your Indian instrument. Please be sure to let us know when booklet arrives.
Blessings upon thee and thy Music… buddah… al……….


Hey Steve,
got my melodica today in good shape !!! cute little bugger !!!
it sounds great !! can’t wait to record with it. thanks for your help … it was great talking to you …. keep up the good work ! Bob, in Kennesaw ( somewhere near Atlanta )


The L-37 is great! Believe it or not, I managed a bended note (high e) without overblowing. Nice sound, good price. We’ll do business again very soon!
Thanks again!


PayPal seems to have me running in endless circles, revealing my innermost secrets and offering me nothing in return. I’ll be sending you a check instead, therefore, so please keep that L37 in stock for me until it arrives.
I received my Bass Melodica in good condition. I played it a ton this weekend, and enjoy it’s ability to imitate a saxophone like sound. It takes some getting used to the slow speaking lowest reeds, but that is something I’m familiar with in the larger recorders such as bass and great bass sizes.


Steve, the melodica came today. You guys are GOOD!!!!! That is the fastest I’ve ever seen for something like that.
I really like this one, too. It’s much better than the one I’ve been using. Don’t know what make the one I had is, but it has a black soft case. It’s another 37 key, though, and that I do like. I know that the Hohner would be better, but I like the 37 key, and the most that Hohner makes is a 36. Probably little difference, but it just seems like it to me. This new one has a great sound, and it’s so east to play. Thanks.


It came today. Perfect ! Thanks, good dealing with you.
J. M.





Melodica in Action

George Duke