Melodica Festival information

Melodica Festival

The Melodica Festival celebrates local music scenes around the world with the aim to provide in invaluable platform for emerging artists to network and develop new creative relationships.

Melodica Festival was born in December 2007 by Pete Uhlenbruch, a passionate musician who simply wanted to create a genuinely attentive space for other artists to perform and interact in, and foster a sense of community in an increasingly challenging industry.

The debut festival was an intimate affair in a local cafe, resonant of the German coffee houses of the 60s. 18 acts played over two days, and the overwhelming response from those artists was how refreshing it was to play in a space where the appreciation of the music was paramount. Artists from all events have since commented on the profound creative inspiration from engaging and networking with other kindred performers, while on the audience’s part, the calibre of the acts and the ambience of the event were what set the event apart.

Since then, propelled by the tireless enthusiasm and passion of kindred music spirits abroad, Melodica has quickly developed into one of the premier acoustic performances in cities around the world.

It all seems a far cry from its humble beginnings in Melbourne, but doesn’t surprise Uhlenbruch, who believes that positivity, community and exploration of mutual interest are more powerful than many musicians realize. “The point of the festival was to empower artists, to get them interacting and supporting each other, to create a sense of community, and that’s exactly what has happened,’ says Uhlenbruch. “What I didn’t expect was that it would happen so quickly, and on a global scale!”