Melodica Pickup




You got the melodica, concertina, or keyboard sitar. You practiced some tunes now it’s time to be heard! Play your instrument thru an effects box (sounds great with reverb), fuzz tone, or a wah-wah pedal. I personally use this product in ensemble playing and it works great! You simply attach it to the bottom of the melodica and plug a standard guitar cord into the provided jack and the amp of your choice and you are ready to play. It couldn’t be easier. Frees one from the constraints of a Microphone. Combined with a wireless rig you can walk around and play!

The sound of the instrument is amplified, including key noise. To minimize key click back off the bass.

Top-performance single-head piezo transducer system
This universal pickup was especially designed for instruments with low mechanical resonance.
As the piezo crystals react to corpus vibrations, a low surface vibration results in a low
signal, a strong vibration creates a strong signal.
The Melodica Pickup is a very universal and powerful pickup for a wide variety of instruments. It’s extra
strong output signal makes it even more versatile. The frequency range is nearly linear with a slight peak in the upper
midrange. This allows for great up-front sound transmission.
The pickup head is attached with a special double-side adhesive film. It is ultra-thin and enables the harmonic frequencies to
completely pass through to the pickup disk.

Technical Information

Pickup head diameter: 3/4″, Height: 1/32″
Impedance: High ohmic
Length of connection cable: 1 ft.
Jack: Quarter inch, connected mono, with nylon shell and Velcro-type attachment